Benefits of coconut shell charcoal

Charcoal is still not widely used in daily life. whereas coconut shell charcoal has many benefits.

The benefits of coconut shell is that it can be used for cooking as a traditional dish.

The benefits of charcoal Briquettes for Daily Life.

coconut shell charcoal has not been used maximally. from the remaining coconut shells are discarded and not utilized. coconut shells are discarded and even become trash that has no value.

currently in rural areas many still use coconut shell charcoal for cooking. from cooking and the aroma and taste of cuisine will be different compared to cooking using a gas stove or electric stove.

taste and enjoyment is different so we can still feel like mama’s food at home. Coconut shell charcoal can now be used for charcoal briquettes which is used for smoking shisha or barbercue grill.

now many countries need coconut shell charcoal for cooking, cosmetics, health, for heating and so on.

in the factory began to recognize the coconut shell charcoal to drive the turbine engine and factory machinery. The price is much cheaper than gas or oil.

start the time to use coconut shell charcoal briquette fuel. cheaper prices, environmentally friendly and the best fuel solution for the future.
our briquette charcoal factory produces all kinds of briquette charcoal from coconut shell, palm shell, wood and rice husk.

We produce charcoal briquettes from coconut shells from the rest of cooking oil.
in Southeast Asia with the most coconut producers in the world. we have a lot of coconut waste which at this time is still not many people use it.

Our Plan is to teach new generation to use new biomass energy which is friendly eco green environment.

We are Manufacture charcoal from Indonesia. we produce charcoal for Charcoal Shisha and barbercue grill. for order you may contact and Wasapp Link

benefits of coconut shell charcoal
benefits of coconut shell charcoal


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